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Who we are

At Sun United Hair we foster a personalized approach to all clients!
Each patient is unique, and with the patience, extensive experience, and practice of our expert team, we acknowledge only the best results.

about us

As the Akem brothers in their 20th year, we commemorate Aysun Akem, who we lost (17.09.201∞) with love, longing, and mercy, after our successful work in countries such as Turkey, Algeria, Germany, France, and the Netherlands, and we continue our successful operations.


The reason for Turkey's leadership in world health tourism is not only the affordability but also the high circulation brought about by being preferred for many years.


Experiences, experiences, and successes gained in this scale show themselves as the reason for being preferred around the world.



Transplantation mistakes made by people who do not have enough experience and expertise, such as damage to other hair follicles or misdirected hair, etc., although it is very difficult to return, it is relatively possible if there are enough follicles in your donor area.


Operation process

Operation time: 6-10 hours, anyone over the age of 18 who does not have a serious illness can have this procedure. The techniques we use local anesthesia for a painless process are Choi/DHI FUE. 70% in the 6th month and 100% sapphire results can be obtained in 12 months. All scars are cleaned and healed between 6-10 days.